Private Investigators in the European Union

Omnia Veritas, private detectives, has grown to the point of being able to provide service throughout almost all the European Union countries with the same level of quality and reliability that has enabled us to achieve a growing reputation all over the main cities in the EU.

Private investigators in the European Union

Our dealings with the client and our perfectionism when translating our investigations into investigation reports has led us to achieve a growing client portfolio, which we would like you to join shortly.

Hire a modern and efficient private detective service focused on meeting your needs for information and evidence with absolute respect for the law.

You have the guarantee of years of experience and the certainty of having our professional and personal commitment to solve your problems, whether simple or complicated, with the utmost effort and dedication.

We offer all kinds of investigation services, although the most highly demanded are the following:

Infidelity investigations

If your partner resides in or regularly travels to any of the European Union countries, with friends or on business trips, our detectives can inform you of all their movements in the area: places they visit, timetables and the company they frequent. With this information, true and evidenced by numerous videos and photos, you can find out if their behaviour is appropriate.

Stop suffering thinking about what might be happening; verify it in a precise and professional way. Our team of detectives in Europe will keep you informed of the situation in every detail.

Locating people

In recent years the number of people hiding in places like Ibiza, Monaco, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Majorca and other tourist areas of the European Union, where the large number of foreigners, both residents and visitors, makes them go unnoticed, has grown alarmingly. If the person you are looking for is in the European Union, our team of private detectives will find them and provide you with evidence of their place of residence.

Business Intelligence – Corporate Investigations 

If your partners, suppliers or clients are in any of the countries of the European Union we can offer you the information you need for decision-making. Our team of private investigators and mystery shoppers will provide you with the information from the site. Do not rely blindly on the information you are given; double check it with our investigation service.

If you want accurate information, hire Omnia Veritas. Our team of private investigators is reliable and efficient and our sales team will serve you personally, 24 hours a day, before and during the investigation.


Call us now!

Call on + 34 686 669 705 and we will personally help you according to the information you give us and provide you a quotation as accurate as possible.

We answer the phone 24 hours a day in Spanish, English, German and Italian.


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