Corporate Investigations in Spain

Omnia Veritas, private investigators agency in Spain, specializes in the internal investigation of enterprises. We have vast experience in the matter, and we can offer you a highly skilled and trained spanish investigators team for the investigation of any corporate management environement.

Detectives privados para investigación de empresas

Our main job consists in coordinating with the legal team to obtain the evidence that you need to protect your rights in an effective way. We compliment the work of your lawyers, providing them evidences to make their accusations reliable and trustworthy in the courtroom.

The private detectives are the only professionals legally allowed to do investigation, especially in labor and corporate issues. Mistrust false professionals and do not let yourself be taken advantage of by impostors, or fake “business investigators”, the law is very clear about it.

Although we undertake all the wide range of corporate services, the most commonly requested are:


Investigation  of consumptions that do not pass by the cash register, or money subtracted directly from the Enterprise.

Unloyal competition

It could be done by ex-employees of the own enterprise that steal clients, or also when the competition engages in activities that do not comply the regulations in their sector.

Intellectual property, Commercial brands

Assurance of the bad use of your Brand, copyright, patent or trade secret. We do an investigation on the production, distribution and sales of falsified items.

Mystery shopping

We make sure in that your customers are receiving the appropriate customer service, we go to your business and give you evidence of our customer experience.

Due Diligence

The authentication of resumes and curriculums, references, or any other information about your employees, clients and suppliers. Competitive intelligence in Spain.


Prevention of fraud by using the appropriate diligence, and investigation of fraud committed against your company.

Tracing debtors

In recent years the number of people hiding in places like Spain, where many foreign people live, has increased alarmingly and they are able to come and go unnoticed. If the person you are looking for is in Spain, our team of private investigators will find him/her and get evidence of his/her place of residence for you.

Fraudulent sick leave

Employee that fake or exaggerate their sickness to obtain incapacity that would allow them to not go to work. They are used to know how to use this strategy well to be able to attain their work commitments, or to boycott or punish the company.

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We answer the phone 24 hours a day in Spanish, English, German and Italian.

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