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At Omnia Veritas we specialize in locating missing persons. Our efficiency as private detectives specializing in locating people extends to an international level and we have extensive experience in finding missing persons in the most unexpected places.

localizar persona a nivel mundial

Judicial notices

Many judicial proceedings depend on express notice to one of the parties. The missing person may have changed address without informing the court, inadvertently or as a way to evade the authorities. In either case, the intervention of a detective will allow you to provide a valid and proven place of residence for sending the notice.

We make sure that the person under investigation actually resides in the address specified, obtaining hard evidence of the fact.

Do not rely on “magic databases”; locating people is a laborious task, especially if they do not want to be found.


Many debtors go missing, making it difficult or impossible for you to get your money back.

Do not expect to find a “professional debtor” in a public registry or a database. You can be sure that a “professional” has nothing to his name and has not given a real address to a public or private database in recent years.

The resolution and cost of these investigations will depend largely on the amount of initial data the client can provide. Sometimes, the key to their location emerges from the seemingly most irrelevant detail.

International swindlers

It is very easy to run from one country to another, leaving debts all over the place. The bureaucracy between the governments of different countries makes it difficult for the justice system to be effective internationally.

An unusually large number of people “hide” in Spain, setting up residence here to evade justice in other countries, on the run from creditors and other liabilities.

On the other hand, many foreigners who have spent part of their life here return to their country if they are pursued by debt.

Private detectives provide quick and easy solutions to these international searches.

Missing relatives

Strange though it may seem, not everybody has a Facebook account where they can be located, especially older people. Locating a person is not an easy task, but we are professional investigators and we can help.

Contact us. Our team of detectives is reliable and efficient and our sales team will serve you personally, 24 hours a day, before and during the investigation.

Call us now!

Call on + 34 686 669 705 and we will personally help you according to the information you give us and provide you a quotation as accurate as possible.

We answer the phone 24 hours a day in Spanish, English, German and Italian.

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