Trust but verify

It is not easy to keep a happy marriage/relationship over the years, with the routine, stress and external problems that get in the way of the relationship and test its strength.

Infidelity investigations in Spain

A solid relationship is based on two pillars: trust and respect. When the spectre of the possible unfaithfulness of one of the two members appears, trust vanishes and the couple enters a crisis that can lead to its dissolution.

The infidelity detective in Spain

It is sometimes impossible to know for sure if our suspicions are true or just a product of our imagination if we do not have first-hand information. That is where the figure of the private detective comes in to play.

Our job as private investigators is to inform you precisely and objectively, with no place for doubts or opinions, of the behaviour of your partner when he or she is not with you.

If you have any doubts about your partner’s behaviour our detectives can inform you about every move they make: places they visit, timetables and the company they frequent. With the information of a matrimonial investigation, true and evidenced by numerous videos and photos, you can find out if their behaviour is suitable and make the decisions you deem appropriate.

As private investigator infidelity investigation is one of the most requested service.

Your enemy: The Doubt

Sometimes the worst enemy is the doubt, the uncertainty. You may have had doubts about your partner for some time and this will undoubtedly have affected your relationship and, above all, caused you go through some very unpleasant moments. This period of doubt gradually erodes the marriage causing each of its members to start finding the other a source of stress rather than a break from the stress of life.

Spending time with your partner should be a reason for happiness and not a distressing situation. Doubt turns pleasure into tension and relaxation into stress. In the long run you know that a relationship cannot last if its members do not enjoy each other’s company, and uncertainty completely removes the enjoyment of married life.

After a serious investigation the doubt disappears and you can continue your life in the most suitable way. You can make your decisions based on real information, rather than just what other people say or what you suspect.

Don’t be treated like a fool

About 60% of investigations of possible unfaithfulness turn out proving that the client was right to suspect, although, a priori, it is impossible to know when the suspicions are true or when we have misread the signals.

Only when the investigation is complete we do know the truth

If you want accurate information hire Omnia Veritas. Our team of private investigators is reliable, professional and efficient, and our sales team will serve you personally, 24 hours a day, before and during the investigation.

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