One day someone had a brilliant idea  “We are going to make a web completely safe to be unfaithful without being caught”. A great idea.

Ashley Madison, una gran idea..

To paraphrase the famous Jose Mota: “Tu eres mu tonto”.

Of course, the inherent stupidity of the idea was not an impediment to thousands of “illuminated” to think: “Wow, what a great idea” and ran to join. I Imagine them from here, in their nights of hedonism, thinking: “How smart I am, what a good idea I had”.

Today, all sing in chorus to their partners “No, I am up with some colleagues of work for laughs, Maripili (or Joaquin), you know me and you know that I would never be unfaithful”. None of the users actually used the service, as well as nobody use prostitution, watch “Salvame” and only the fascits vote in favor of PP.

We will never know the real statistics of how many times has the person used an excuse like this nor the quantity, in the famous public list, are listed separately the members of a same couple. What we can imagine is the reaction of the people.

It would be logical that, seeing the example, from now on the people would be suspicious of  these services and cease to use but no way. Not even close. Its use will increase. People who have used these services is cannon fodder, promising them illogical nonsense but they are dominated by the longing The longing alive.

We are going to do a little tutorial on how to be unfaithful and don’t get caught by a hacker with his pants down.

Course of computer security

You don´t  want to leave any traces of your infidelity in your computer or in a database of others? Follow these wise advice:

Disconnect the computer from the internet.

Turn it off.

Jump on the Street and hook up as if you were in the eighties (but without shoulder pads, please).

What about the WhatsApp?

It is very very simple getting caught with messages like these “From what I ate you yesterday, today I want to have another serving. Sweetie”. Don´t write that, asshole.

WhatsApp has done a lot of harm to the private investigation industry, now people barely hire detectives for infidelity because they catch the cheaters spying on their whatsapp. They don´t care if it´s a serious offense and can go to jail. When they leave the mobile abandoned 30 seconds, they have already been caught.

Do you want to know if your partner has realized that you spend the day glued to the mobile and that you’re taking it with you even when you go to the bathroom?

Well, let me tell you, yes. Your partner is aware of it, you’re not so clever/a and knows you more than your mother. He knows perfectly that dumbfounded face and knows that you are up to something.

I believe that the private detectives should write a guide on “How to be unfaithful and don’t get caught”, to see if we get a little more level in this country because they put it so darn easy.

Someone may be wondering… “Won´t the web pay compensation.” The answer is simple: they won´t. They will be shut it down before paying and I am pretty sure that any of the clauses that you accepted makes them free of this responsibility.

There is no secure computer system, neither a home safe nor a safe bank. You can always skip the security measures and it attracts thousands of hackers.

I can imagine the hacker who “freed” the information. A nerd with traces of Doritos in the beard and having some laughter of fright while texting to his colleagues and best friends:

“Look Antraxx23 and Anark1A_4U, i have the list of infidels out of Ashley Madison”

You have to be dumb to think that getting into a web page to be unfaithful is a safe way to go on  a spree.


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One day someone had a brilliant idea: "We are going to make a web completely safe to be unfaithful without being caught". A great idea.


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