A private investigator in Spain can actually do that?

Today we are going to try to solve the most common doubts expressed by clients who have never hired a private investigator. And no wonder they have them.

What can a private investigaro do in Spain

It’s evident that the functions and working possibilities of a private investigator are not common knowledge. Curiously it won’t be because we don’t go out in the press, sometimes even for good, but for the lack of seriousness with which our profession is treated.

The media is more and more a medium of communication. They communicate things, yes, but they don’t inform. Informing requires prior information and knowing the subject with a certain depth, and that requires time too; a time that probably won’t come out profitable for many.

On the other hand, another great part, and for the most part, the lack of unity of the profession and the lack of desire of the associations and official schools prevent global information campaigns, both legal professionals and businessmen or individuals.

For all this, we will continue making the “war on our own” and contribute a small grain of sand to the internet beach. Let’s start with the doubts:

Doubts about the work that private investigators do

But you can follow people? The surveillance question.

If they don’t run fast, yes. Now seriously, if we keep the legal requirements for it, we can.

As for the requirements, they are quite logical. The main thing is to have a legitimate interest in obtaining that information. I mean and for us to understand, that the result of that research, that information obtained, has the ability to affect you directly. Another basic criterion is proportionality.

And the Data Protection Act allows private investigator do their work?

At a very simple level we say yes. Some businessmen fear that giving us the data of some employee for our investigations may suppose to transgress the DPA (LOPD in Spain).

No, it doesn’t infringe it. You have the right to give us the information necessary to do our job since our work is perfectly legal and you have the right, and in some cases even the obligation, to contract us to defend your legitimate interests.

Are the private investigators on the edge of legality?

No. We are well within the legality. In fact, we have a barbarity of norms and authorities that regulate our work. It’s almost simpler to open a nuclear power plant than a private investigator’s office.

Are we afraid of politicians? You know the answer.

The fact is that we are perfectly regulated and with our well-defined limits… There is hardly room for interpretation.

But what about those who have showed up on the TV with hidden recordings and weird stuff?

Being a private investigator doesn’t imply holiness (although many deserve it), so spare parts can be found in all professions. Exceptions always draw more attention precisely because of that; if it were the “daily bread” nobody would pay attention.

Just like the restaurant’s attention with the kitchen full of dirty dishes in those kitchen programs or the insurance broker who doesn’t insure at all and keeps with the money.

People can cook beans everywhere and nothing lets you see at first glance who is going to be a scoundrel. The belonging in this or that association, or this or that school, or with this or that certification does not imply anything. Wouldn’t you manage to have 200 stamps and logos if you were a fraudster?

A conversation, an acquaintance in the industry or a recommendation from a real client is, to this day, the most trustworthy criteria.

And isn’t it too expensive to hire a private investigator?

As people usually say, more expensive is not to hire. In general our services are an investment, a profitable investment.

This is something that large companies have very clear, is perfectly suitable also to typical problems of individuals or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Having evidence and information will always be profitable, and that is precisely our function.

And what if I don’t get what I want, do I have to pay you anyways?

Yes, and so much.

Private investigators verify the reality, and reality may not like us, but it’s what there is. We charge for transferring reality in an objective way to a research report and that takes a few hours, so it’s a job that has to be paid.

It happens a lot? No. In 99% of cases, clients are doing well on their way.

But … do private investigators really exist?

Either I’m Bruce Willis in “The Sixth Sense” or yes, I definitely exist; and several dozen colleagues too, or so I hope.

Is it true that the private investigator profession is booming?

No. They’re trying to sell you a career or a Master, right?

Right now it’s static, we are not going to say worse than ever; and I see it difficult to improve it if there is not a normative change (well needed) that allows us to expand our functions.

Some begin and others close.

Maybe there are more people who run an agency in a “crazy” way without any experience or professionalism encouraged by the initial € 50 autonomous, but this is a trick. A profession is booming when the number of commissions increases, not when is shared among more people.

What is booming is to sell Masters to recent graduates without work; it seems that’s more trending.

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